Building the Metaverse

We are thrilled to report that CRI Middleware and CALIVERSE – which leads the Metaverse efforts of the South Korean group Lotte – have signed a letter of intent for the joint research of future technologies aimed at the realization of Lotte’s Metaverse concept.


A meeting between executives during CES 2023 led to the announce of the collaboration.


CALIVERSE develops ultra-high quality live-action 3DVR, real-time rendering technology based on the Unreal Engine, and interactive patented technology that enables live-action to respond to the user’s gaze and voice in virtual reality.

Through this alliance, CRI will work together with the Lotte Group on research and development of audio and video technologies that will create realistic experiences and improve user immersion in the Metaverse. CRI’s new technologies, such as CRI TeleXus, its spatial audio voice chat, will enable realistic communication in the Metaverse.


CRI Telexus was presented at the Metaverse Exhibition in Tokyo (26/10/2022)


CRI TeleXus is a middleware that offers many features to extend and enhance online communication, including high-performance voice chat. In virtual spaces such as the Metaverse, where many users interact in the same space online, CRI TeleXus enables realistic communication through voice technologies like spatial audio and speaker separation.


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