CRIWARE to support Google Stadia

CRI Middleware (3698:TYO), the leading provider of cross-platform audio and video solutions for interactive media, today announced that CRIWARE will start offering middleware that supports Google Stadia: the new generation game platform.

Stadia allows you to use a big screen TV with Chromecast, a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone to play video games.

CRIWARE ’s middleware that will support Stadia are ADX2, the audio run-time engine and authoring tool, and Sofdec2, the video encoder and movie player. ADX2 features a highly intuitive UI that makes audio implementation easy. Sofdec2 gives you the tools to effortlessly combine cinematics with gameplay. Both ADX2 and Sofdec2 feature blazing fast, high performance proprietary CODECs.

CRI Middleware Co., Ltd. is the number one Japanese audio/video middleware company, providing industry leading middleware tools and technologies to game developers and publishers. CRI Middleware has shipped successfully in over 4,600 titles from dozens of game publishers around the world.

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