VP9 comes to Sofdec2!

Sofdec2, CRIWARE’s ultra-optimized codec and versatile video playback system is getting even better!

Indeed, the new version of Sofdec2 is adding support for VP9 on the PC, iOS and Android platforms! Other platforms can of course still use the Sofdec2 Prime codec. All features currently available with Sofdec2 Prime, such as alpha-channel or seamless concatenation will gradually become available for VP9.

Compared to H264, which is the other codec supported by Sofdec2, videos encoded with VP9 are half the size, although the CPU cost is higher. So now you have even more flexibility and you can carefully balance your resources when displaying videos!

Need to play high-quality movies in your application with some extra effects and playback modes? Time to try Sofdec2, used by top developers like Bungie, for example for Destiny!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about VP9 support in Sofdec2!

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