New Atom Craft authentication mechanism

The license authentication mechanism of the ADX2’s authoring tool has been updated.
The new system includes 2 distinct authentications:
– one for Atom Craft and
– one for some specific functions such as data encryption, WebGL support, or HAPTIX.

What changed?

– When using the tool for the first time, you need to activate the tool user license (first time only, per user).

– When the license of the authoring tool expires, there is no need to acquire a new account.

– When using Atom Craft for a commercial project, or when using CRI HAPTIX or building for a Web browser, it is necessary to obtain a key associated with that project first time only, per project).

About the tool’s license

This is the license that controls the activation of Atom Craft.

How to apply


Download the SDK

Download the SDK from the technical support site.

Obtain a user license

Connect to the Internet and get a user license from the Authorization Tool included in the SDK.
A user license is required for each user.

Register the user license

The user license will be issued immediately and you will be able to use Atom Craft.
The user license registration is performed only once.
(The user license has no expiration date, but if you switch to another PC you will need to re-apply.)

About the project key

This is the license key that enables the access to some features (encryption function, WebGL, HAPTIX).
This license key is required for commercial use but it is not needed for evaluation purposes.

How to apply


Apply for a project key

Apply for a project key from the project key application form.
When applying, the project’s name must be entered (a code name is also acceptable).

Registration of
the project key

You can register the project key within Atom Craft to authorize the features.
You need to register the project key only once for each title.

Editing project files

A project file with a registered project key can be shared and edited by multiple people.

Application for extension

The expiration date of the project key is two years from issuance.
If the development of your title is over 2 years, please apply for a license extension from the project key application form .

Development completed

Please contact your sales representative.

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