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In recent years, video resolution has been steadily increasing, from 2K to 4K, and then 8K. This has triggered a significant increase of the file sizes, which brings new challenges for video content creators, providers and consumers.

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CRI DietCoder is a high-quality video compression technology developed by CRI Middleware to solve these problems. It is the latest addition to our company’s rich history in delivering groundbreaking video codecs, first on Sega consoles and then with middleware products such as CRI Movie and Sofdec2, which are now being used in many high-profile video games.

CRI DietCoder can compress files in video formats such as H.264 and MP4 to half their size while retaining their original image quality. This significant reduction of the file size is achieved without changing the file format.

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Can you see any difference?



Thanks to CRI DietCoder, video distribution services (e.g. video on demand, karaoke), production companies, post production studios (360, VR, AR), application developers or any industries dealing with massive video data storage (surveillance camera, driving recorder) can significantly reduce their infrastructure and distribution costs.

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By reducing the data size, the downloading time is of course also reduced allowing for smooth, high-quality movie playback for the user.


During the encoding process, CRI DietCoder analyzes the resulting video quality. Looking at the graph, the user can quickly find any visual degradation and adjust the encoding settings accordingly, which drastically reduces the time needed to validate the video quality.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about DietCoder.

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