Integrating ADX2 with Unity – Part 1

Using the CRIWARE Unity plug-in, it is very easy to integrate ADX2 with your Unity game.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to install the CRIWARE plug-in, while upcoming tutorials will show how to actually use the different CRIWARE components.

  • First, open your Unity project.
  • Go to the [Assets] menu and select [Import Package].
  • Click on the [Custom Package…] menu command.


  • Browse to the CRIWARE plug-in package file located in the [CRIWARE\SDK\unity\plugin] folder.


  • Select the package file and click on the [Open] button.
  • The [Import Unity Package] window appears. Simply click on the [Import] button.


  • The [CRI] menu appears in the Unity menu bar.


  • Now we can use the CRIWARE components!


  • The components in the [CRI Atom] group are related to sound playback (ADX2).
  • The components in the [CRI Mana] group are related to video playback (Sofdec2).
  • The [CRIWARE Library Initializer] component is used to configure CRIWARE.
  • The [CRIWARE Error Handler] component enables the notification of the warnings and errors in Unity.

The components related to the sound system in the [CRI Atom] group are: CRI Atom, CRI Atom Source and CRI Atom Listener.

  • The [CRI Atom] component controls the whole sound system.
    It will be created automatically when adding your first [CRI Atom Source] to your project.
  • A [CRI Atom source] component is an audio trigger that you can add to any Unity game object.
  • Finally, the [CRI Atom Listener] is used in conjunction with the [CRI Atom Source] components for 3D audio positioning.

We are all set for now and next time we will see how to add our ADX2 cues to Unity!

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