Introducing CRI ADX® Automotive

CRI ADX® Automotive is a new generation of audio middleware to create, personalize and deliver advanced interactive audio for automotive applications. It centralizes the control of in-vehicle audio for navigation, safety and entertainment purposes.


The ultimate interactive sound technology for automobiles!

CRI ADX® Automotive offers:

– A lightweight sound system optimized for automotive embedded equipment. It relies on the renowned CRI ADX® a sound middleware which already has an astonishing track record in the entertainment industry.

– A high-quality sound for a low CPU load and memory footprint.

– An advanced interactive sound technology which provides an optimum audio user experience based on the driving situation, by prioritizing notifications, warnings, vocal guidance, etc…

– A data-driven system that allows for the authoring of the sound sources, the adjustment of their parameters, their preview and optimization without changing any program code.

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All the functions required for an amazing in-vehicle audio!

CRI ADX® Automotive provides all the sound generation and processing features that allow for the best in-vehicle audio experience:


– A sound generator able to combine basic waveforms such as sine or pulse with PCM data to suit any situation, along with a full synthesis path including lowpass filter and envelope.

– A ducking system allowing for the smooth variation of the sound sources levels, according to the situation of the vehicle (for example automatically favoring important notification alerts above entertainment).

– A mixer to carefully author and adjust the levels of multiple sound sources.

– Proprietary codecs that compress the audio files up to 1/10th of their original size while achieving a sound quality higher than MP3 or AAC, with is very low CPU load (about 2% on a 200 MHz microcomputer).

– Total control over the playback timing and the number of sounds playing simultaneously. CRI ADX® Automotive automatically manages what will occur, based on state of the vehicle.


Other features include

  • DSP Effects                                                                 ·3D Positioning                                 · Priority management
  • Sound Groups Control                                             ·Multi-language support                 · EQ correction                                 


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question about CRI ADX® Automotive!





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