Merry Christmas!

It is this time of the year when our hearts are filled with happiness, our socks with gifts, our stomach with too much food, and our ears with… Jingle Bells!

So, Merry Christmas everybody, and let’s enjoy this interactive remix using the Block system in Atom Craft. Like a gift from Santa, this special feature of ADX makes it really easy to create structured yet interactive songs. Here, we set the next destination of each Block manually to play the song sections in the order we wanted. We could also have randomized these transitions to create an infinite Christmas Carol… something you may have regretted come the 26th of December.

To add a bit of Christmas magic in the second verse, we used an AISAC to send the Lead track to a dedicated DspBus, loaded with Chorus, Reverb and Echo effects. We also adjusted the pitch and the playback rate to slightly accelerate the song.

We invite you to download the project below, and play with the Block system. As for us, we have a reindeer to catch, so we will see you next year on the blog! Ho, ho, ho….

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