Jump to the beat with BEATWIZ!

BEATWIZ is a blazing-fast, high-precision analysis middleware that can be used to detect musical information such as tempo (bpm), beat timings and more generally the “excitement” in the music near instantaneously. BEATWIZ can also determine the structure of a song (e.g. verse A, verse B and chorus). In addition, the timing of specific rhythmic instruments (e.g. bass drum) can be precisely detected. All that information can be output as a CSV file or in MIDI format.

BEATWIZ can analyze 5 minutes of music in 0.5 seconds on a standard PC (and can be more than twice as fast on the latest generation of game consoles such as the Xbox One and the PS 4). Thanks to CRI Middleware’s proprietary technology, not only is the analysis very fast but it is also formidably accurate (for example, the tempo can be estimated with a precision of 0.01 bpm).

Because of its very low CPU cost and memory footprint, BEATWIZ is available on many platforms from computers and consoles (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U), handhelds (PS Vita, 3DS) to smartphones and tablets (on iOS and Android) and it is ideally suited to be embedded in arcade machines and other entertainment hardware.

The results of the analysis can be visualized in the BEATWIZ tool.


Based on these results, it is possible to automatically generate dance patterns, key sequences, etc. that will match the composition of the song and can for example be used in music rhythm games.


BEATWIZ can also perform the real-time analysis of songs input via a microphone. Since it is light and designed to operate even on low-priced computers such as smartphones and Raspberry Pi, it can be used for applications responding to sounds in real time, toys, home appliances, etc.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about BEATWIZ.

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