Integrating ADX2 with Unity – Part 3

This is our third tutorial about the integration of ADX2 with Unity.
If you haven’t done it yet, you can read the two first ones here:

Integrating ADX2 with Unity (Part 1)
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In this tutorial, we are going to create a [CRI Atom Source], which is all we need to play an ADX2 Cue in Unity.

  • First, play the scene.


  • Then go to the [CRI] menu and select [Open CRI Atom Window]


  • Click on the [Reload Info] button to get access to the information about your project.


  • In the “Cue Sheet” section select one of the CueSheets you exported and then choose the Cue to play.


  • Stop the scene and finally, click on the [Create GameObject] button.


  • A new [CRI Atom Source] is now present in the scene.


  • Click on it, check [Play on start] and deselect [3D Positioning] in the Inspector.


  • Save your scene and press play to hear your Cue!


Of course, you can also add a Cue directly to an existing game object:

  • Select a game object and, in the Inspector, press on the [Add Component] button.


  • In the list, click on [CRIWARE] and then choose [CRI Atom Source]


  • The sound source has been added to the Cube object. Press play to hear your Cue!

In our¬†next tutorial about ADX2’s integration with Unity, we will talk¬†about the 3D audio positioning in more details.

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