AtomCraft Unleashes Creativity

Audio middleware was borne out of a need to free sound artists from programmer dependencies and allow for rich audio implementation in games with less coding.  Each middleware technology developer approached this challenge with their own unique take on product design.  There are two essential parts to every audio middleware product: the authoring tool that serves as the creative canvas for sound artists, and the audio engine that functions at runtime to playback that creative design.  With many years of experience working closely with video game giants like Sega, CRI Middleware chose to develop ADX2 with an emphasis on an authoring tool featuring an intuitive graphical user interface and streamlined workflow.  This tool is called AtomCraft.

The arrival of digital audio workstations (commonly called DAWs) like Avid’s Pro Tools in the early ’90’s revolutionized audio production.  Amateurs and professionals involved in recording, editing, and designing sound were thrilled to see a visual representation of their work on a virtual timeline and perform non-destructive editing and processing.  Suddenly, the obstacles inherent in working with analog authoring tools were blown away and new creative potential was unleashed.  That same timeline concept is fundamental to the AtomCraft user interface. CRI’s chief AtomCraft programmer Tatsuya Suizu said that, “Our goal is to make the AtomCraft user experience as instinctive as the best pro audio DAWs.”

AtomCraft allows the artist to craft multitrack sound cues on a timeline, just like Pro Tools.  For new users, that translates into almost instant familiarity with the AtomCraft features that are common in digital audio workstations like tracks, waveform regions, envelopes, automation, busses, bouncing, and DSP effects.  Side-by-side with these familiar digital audio essentials, AtomCraft weaves in powerful functionality unique to game audio including randomization, Real Time Parameter Controls, 3D positioning, auto-ducking, and much more. Taking the DAW approach another giant step further, AtomCraft makes it possible to use all of its authoring power to sync audio to linear, in-game movies like cutscenes, and cinematics.  Rendering cinematic audio is rendered unnecessary by AtomCraft.

AtomCraft isn’t just another pretty face: the tool offers the most streamlined workflow in the interactive audio industry. Kristoffer Larson, Senior Sound Supervisor at the award-winning audio production company Formosa Interactive commented that, “The user interface in AtomCraft is refreshingly direct. It allows us to quickly concentrate on creating compelling audio without wasting time overcoming tools-related obstacles.

It starts like this: Drag-and-drop audio files from a folder into a sound bank, the samples will be added to your ADX2 project, and a multitrack event will be generated displaying the waveforms.  If you need a random range on a parameter, you can just click on a parameter slider and drag the mouse vertically: there is your random range ready for your creative tweaks.  There is no need to open a randomizer window or to add a modulation parameter, no need for multiple mouse clicks, or opening or closing windows.  The features are always there in front of you where you need them.

Experience AtomCraft and the ADX2 audio engine for yourself by signing up for a three-month evaluation license.  Just click on this link to fill out our brief, no-obligation evaluation license request and you’ll be on your way to AtomCraft mastery!

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