Do you speak ADX2?

Here is a list of terms from the ADX2 vernacular that could come in handy.


AISAC is a system allowing the control of audio parameters by values coming from the game.  The AISAC mapping curve can also have a random range and be retriggered periodically. AISACs are the equivalent of RTPCs in other systems.


A Block is a vertical structure which groups all the waveforms that are playing in a specific time slice. By opposition, a Track is a horizontal structure defining what will be played over time.


A Category is a group of volume and playback rules that applies to a set of Cues.


A Cue is a sound object that the game can trigger (the equivalent of a sound event in some systems). Each Cue can contain one or more Tracks. A set of Cues is called a Cue Sheet.

Cue Sheet

A Cue Sheet is a group of Cues. Cues Sheets are exported to the game. They are the equivalent of sound banks in other systems.

DSP Bus Setting

A DSP Bus Setting is a snapshot of a mixer, including volume and send levels, effect chains and their parameters.


Materials are audio assets – i.e. sound files – that your project will use. You can adjust their properties, such as looping, encoding type etc…


REACT is an automatic ducking system for Cues. For example, you can configure it so that the volumes of all the Cues from the SFX and Music categories are automatically lowered  when a Cue from the Dialogue category is triggered.


A Track in AtomCraft is similar to a track in your DAW. It is a timeline on which you can place one or more Waveform Regions.

Voice Limit Group

A Voice Limit Group is a set of waveforms for which the total number of instances playing can be limited.

Work Units

Work Units are components of your project that can be checked out / checked-in independently. This is a very convenient system that allows several sound designers to work on the same project simultaneously. For example a sound designer could be in charge of the weapon sound effects, another one of the dialogue etc…

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