ADX & Sound xR

We are thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Yamaha, with our game audio middleware ADX fully supporting their Sound xR technology by the end of the year, and allowing listeners to experience high-quality spatial sound on stereo headphones.

Demand and expectations for virtual 3D sound have been constantly increasing due to the new generation of immersive games and movies, as well as augmented and virtual reality applications.

Leveraging years of R&D from Yamaha, Sound xR inherits the acoustic model based on HRTF (Head Acoustic Transfer Function) developed for ViReal. Sound xR’s audio processing can simulate sound sources coming from any point around the listener on ordinary earphones / headphones, making it possible to localize audio content in a high-definition space.

CRI Middleware and Yamaha have recently exhibited at GTMF 2023 in Osaka and in Tokyo, showcasing both Sound xR and its integration with ADX on their respective booth. If you are developing a game or a VR application that could benefit from virtual 3D audio, be sure to follow the developments around this collaboration!

In the meantime, you can experience the quality of Sound xR by watching these videos:

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