CRI Profiler in Unity

There is a new profiler available for ADX2 in Unity, which takes the form of an editor extension. The CRI Profiler is accessible through the [Window] -> [CRIWARE] -> [CRI Profiler] menu.

While your scene is running, you can choose to control the profiler manually by pressing on the Start / Stop / Pause buttons or to let it start and pause automatically based on the Player activity (the audio player, not you!)       UnityProfiler1

Two real-time graphs indicate the overall performance; one displays the CPU usage while the other reports the number of voices currently playing.


Overall memory usage is also displayed, as well as its allocation between the atom library (sound), mana library (video) and the file system.

All the voices being played are listed and the number of voices using a standard pool or an HCA-MX pool (i.e. using CRI’s highly-optimized encoder) is displayed. The CRI Profiler also indicates the number of voices being streamed.


Finally, the loudness of the output (momentary, short-term and integral) is calculated as well as the peak and RMS values of each channel of the master bus.


The dynamic range displayed can be adjusted in order to focus on a specific area, and a warning level can be set, over which the VU-meter will become red.


This new profiler is free. You can download it from your regular CRIWARE account. It comes with the source code, which will allow you to customize it and adapt it to your needs.

Try it today and let us know what you think about it!

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