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A stroll in the offices of CRI Middleware reveals many exciting technologies in addition to ADX2 and Sofdec2. In this post, we give a closer look to LiveAct® PRO, a professional middleware package that includes all the features you need to work with video on the web. It would be a fantastic vehicle to market your game!

As many of us have learned the hard way, dealing with video on web sites is not always a walk in the park. For example, there are technical restrictions due the web browsers on smartphones (e.g. no Flash support), you need to rely heavily on programmers to create rich interactive content and so on…

LiveAct solves these issues and provides many interesting features:

• Automatic playback
• Simultaneous playback of multiple videos
• Embedded video / inline playback
• Personalized and interactive video
• Custom compression technology (half the size of MP4 and 1/100th the size of an equivalent GIF animation)
• Frame-by-frame viewing log output
• Responsive design that works on PC and smartphones

Even better, LiveAct® Pro does not require any specific plugin or app to be installed and will work on any device or OS!

To get an idea of what LiveAct® Pro can do, you can visit (although the text on that page is in Japanese, click on examples and you will instantly understand all the possibilities it offers to you!)



Here are some of the things you can easily do with LiveAct® Pro to bring life to your web pages:

• Use videos as thumbnail images (with autoplay support). You can even play multiple video thumbnails simultaneously.

• Make specific scenes or regions in a video clickable to allow viewers to skip specific scenes or to link to an external URL.

• Set direct links to a specific scene or frame in a video from a URL (in-video deep links).

• Switch from the YouTube links which are static images with a play button to moving video thumbnails.

• Easily create Flash-like animations or interactive content that reacts to taps or clicks, without any programming knowledge required.

• Create parallax scrolling animations when the user scrolls up or down, without any programming!

• Acquire important data on how users view your videos (viewing retention rate, disengagement frames, seeking detection, etc…)

LiveActPRO_Introduction_Simple and creative

Finally, the authoring workflow could not be simpler and does not require the intervention of a programmer.

All you need to do is to encode your MP4 file with the LiveAct® Pro encoder and optionally also author them in the After Effect web plug-in. You will end up with an HTML file and a content file. These files are used by the run-time library (JavaScript) and the result plays in any web browser, on any device, without needing anything else!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question about LiveAct® Pro!

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