CRI Middleware partners with Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia (SIEJA)

Today at the “2016 PlayStation Conference in China” it was announced that CRI Middleware is partnering with Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia (SIEJA) on the “China Hero Project”, a groundbreaking initiative to support PlayStation console game development in China.

For that project, SIEJA has partnered with companies that are driven to contribute to the expansion of PlayStation® platforms, and the video game industry in China as a whole. China Hero Project partners will provide development technologies such as game engines and middleware, quality assurance testing, as well as support in business operations and financing, and more to selected Chinese developers.

We are proud to have been chosen by SIEJA to provide our industry-leading audio and video SDK, CRIWARE™, to enable the China Hero Project developers to create immersive game music, sound, voice, and stunning cinematics. The “China Hero Project” represents another major step in our newly launched global expansion strategy.

Hiroyuki Oda, Deputy President (Asia) at SIEJA said: “High quality titles require high quality technology. The audio and video technology of CRIWARE™ that is behind so many great titles in Japan will now be a key element of software development for the PlayStation® platforms in China. The goal of this project is to find great titles and make great content, and CRI Middleware will be a strong technical partner in that effort.”

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